What is dots?

dots is the idea catalyst from OMD. We connect the best tech startups  form all over the world with our clients in order to create the future o communication. we connect the dots and the ideas that others don’t see and therefor create solutions that help our clients resolve their marketing challenges/issues.

What makes dots different from others?

dots doesn’t offer a shared place where to carry out its work; instead we directly open a way to the market to work with OMD, currently in more than 99 countries with our internationally known brands.

Will these big brands steal my intellectual property?

No. The intellectual property or tech solution that you created will always belong to you.

What benefits does dots bring to me?

Once you are part of dots, you will have the opportunity to propose your ideas and solutions to our clients that we will elaborate and develop together.

All the projects that we will take on will make sure to help you achieve your marketing issues, whether they are your time-to market, increasing sales, bringing in new clients or making you more visible adjacent your competitors.

We will work with the consumer insight and strategy department in order to help you grow your startup.

What are the terms and conditions when joining dots?

We are looking for the best tech startups to connect with and develop groundbreaking and innovative ideas for our clients. Companies that want to join us and change the world.Contact us to check if your startup meets the requirements.

Do I need to pay to participate?

No, your participation with dots is voluntary. Once we have evaluated your startup you can suggest  ideas or we can meet for a potential collaboration.

Do I need to be from Madrid to be part of dots?

No. We live in a digital age therefore we can work together from anywhere. Although, more often than not it will be beneficial to be fairly close in order to facilitate our collaboration, as we will love to meet you in person once you have been chosen to be part of our dots team.